SNC1P Grade 9 Science, Applied

Grade 9 Science allows students to develop their understanding of basic concepts in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics, and relates these areas of study to technology, society, and the environment. Throughout this course, students will learn the essential processes of scientific investigation, which form the basis for all future paths of study across the sciences. Through the various units of this course, students will: acquire an understanding of scientific theories and conduct investigations related to sustainable ecosystems; study atomic and molecular structures and the properties of elements and compounds; explore the universe and discover its properties and components; and learn the basic principles of electricity that have helped shape our modern society.


SNC1D will cover the following units:



Our planet is filled with so much life! This unit will teach us how all living things are influenced by others and their environment. We will understand what we can do to make sure that this important relationship is protected and conserved.



Everything is made up of matter and since chemistry is the study of matter, chemistry is basically the study of absolutely everything, including you! In this unit, we learn about the periodic table, which lists all of the types of matter found on earth.  We will also show you how these types of matter combine to make some amazing new compounds, each with their own special properties that make life possible.



Humans have been fascinated by the mysterious objects found in the night sky for centuries.  Scientists and engineers have developed so many amazing tools to help us see these objects in our never-ending quest to better understand our universe – things like telescopes, satellites and even the space station, which allows people to actually live in outer space! In this unit, we will also be discussing the theory of the big bang in an effort to understand how our amazing universe was created in the first place!



If you’ve ever experienced a blackout, or participated in Earth Hour, you must know just how crucial electricity has become to our society. In this unit, we look more closely at how electricity is created and used in our daily lives.  We will explore the properties of electricity using some pretty neat calculations and we’ll investigate electric circuits using diagrams and e-labs!




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